Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Beginning of Lent

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Tomorrow, February 13, 2013 is the first day of Lent.

I have always associated Lent as a ritual done by the Catholic church. When I looked up the definition of Lent on Google there was more information than I knew what to do with. So to summarize, Lent as I perceive it, is a 40-day period prior to Easter of self-denial and spiritual growth, which can mean different things to each individual participating. 

Although the church I attend does not practice this tradition, the whole concept of Lent has always intrigued me. I have only participated in Lent a couple of times, but this year I really feel different about it, I guess you could say I am approaching it "intentionally".

For self-denial, or "sacrifice", I was going to give up Facebook, but decided that it would be much harder to give up eating sugar, as in desserts or snacks. You see, in the world as this girl knows it, "dessert" is a "food group", and most of you who know me well would agree. I always wondered what people meant when I heard them say, "I gave up ___________ for Lent", now it all makes sense. 

As for the spiritual growth part, honestly that is something that is, and will be, on-going until the day I die; however for the sake of Lent, I want to be attentive to a couple of things in particular, which perhaps I will share at another time. 

The most important thing I hope and expect to take away from this journey is to for my relationship with my Redeemer to be deeper and that the fruit of that relationship with flow out to others.

I pray this post will encourage and inspire you, and that only God will be glorified, through his son, Jesus Christ.

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