Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Saying "Good-bye"

Missy aka Puss-n-Boots

Today Rick and I had to say good-bye to our beloved Missy kitty.

Missy was a kitty we saw wondering around our old apartment complex about 10 years ago. I immediately wanted to take her in, but Rick said, "let's wait and see if she is still around a week from now, and if she is then we will see about that." A week went by and she still seemed to be a stray. After catching her we took her to the Veterinarian who after checking her over head to toe informed us she was not a kitten but rather was approximately 2 yr old and had been spayed and had a microchip. We had the chip checked to see who the owner was and their was no name. We did everything we could to find her rightful owners, but to no, she became our Missy.

Since October of this past year Missy started to ever-so-slightly begin to ail. It started with her vomiting what seemed like ALL OF THE TIME. With Dr Gregg Bennett's recommendation we put her on a hypo-allergenic diet and that seemed to do the trick. Then over the holidays she didn't hardly eat for about a week, but was constantly drinking water. After the holidays and everything was back to normal she seemed to be back to normal too; her appetite was back and she was back up sleeping on our bed at night. Then all of a sudden she seemed to be losing weight. We took her back to Dr. Bennett 2 weeks ago and after blood tests and a urinalysis we were informed that she had a bad UTI and she was put on some antibiotics.....which brings us to today....

Today Missy had a 2 week follow-up appointment with Dr. Bennett. We got there at 9am, and left at 11:30 am with no Missy. 
He was as concerned as we were with her continued weight loss and we agreed with testing her for Feline Lukemia and HIV, which came both came back negative. Great.
Next we agreed to an x-ray of her chest/abdomen, which came back showing a mass on her liver. We all agreed that rather than just send her home on a different type of antibiotic we would have them take a needle biopsy of the mass to see if it was just a bad infection or came back as cancer.

 We all agreed that since her quality of life was just beginning to take a turn for the worse (if it hadn't been for her recent weight loss and becoming seemingly "worn" out we would not have known that she was even sick),  now would be the best time to let her go. 

I have never, ever had to do this before, and it was HARD. Words just cannot describe what both Rick and I felt. I am so glad that he was there...Later he made the comment that "maybe this is why he hurt his knee" because otherwise I would have been there by myself. I know it may sound silly to some, but we are a family, our pets and us, and...well...I don't think that I need to say anymore. 
Bless his heart, as Dr. Bennett took us into another room and began to explain to us the process of putting her to "sleep", he even had tears in his eyes. 
We were blessed to be able to be with her until her heart stopped beating. 

God gave us this kitty, and she has been such a sweet blessing all of these years....God, in his graciousness gave us grace today.....grace doesn't necessarily make it easy, but it gives us the strength to get through it.

I honestly don't know what he does with our precious pets when they leave this world, but I would like to believe that someday when I go to Heaven, Missy will be there at Jesus' feet welcoming me.

Thank you to those of you who have prayed us through this time.

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  1. Oh Linda (and Rick) I am grieving for you today too. We know all to well the pain and grief that is felt after a beloved one dies and that includes our pets. A book that really helped me was "Will I see Fido in Heaven."

    Our prayers are with you...L