Friday, November 30, 2012


Day 30

This last day of November I would like to give thanks for a special lady.
Her name is Vivienne and today she is 85 years old.
I met her 38 years ago when I started dating her son (my ex-husband).
It took me awhile, once we had married, to call her Mom....I wanted to, but for two years I had called her Mrs. White.
She was always so kind to me and we got along quite well, despite our spiritual and political differences. 
I always knew that I was loved.
I learned many things from her gardening tips, love of quilts and antiques, and how to make the BEST potato salad.
When her son and I divorced we didn't have much to say to one another...there was no hatred, or what not....I guess you could say that we gave one another "space" for a few years.
Four or Five years ago we "reconnected".
We are friends, I know I am loved, and she is loved.
Happy Birthday, Vivienne.
I love you.
I hope your day is blessed. 
I pray that this next year is filled with joy, hope, and grace.

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